From time to time we engage in different types of societies, and mingle with different types of people. At school time we get together with our fellow students in societies there. Some people get the chance of participating in clubs, societies in their neighborhood.

Each of these gives us one valuable thing; a unique experience which we won’t get from any other activity. We learn to live and learn to how to behave.

At university stage also most of us get a similar opportunity through faculty or university societies. But we rarely get the chance of interacting with people from other institutions. But if the community is open for several universities, the members can work with others too.

One such community is the Microsoft Student Champs, which is the largest, active undergraduate community in Sri Lanka. For people who don’t know what’s happening inside the Champs community: Champs get together mainly at monthly meetings and share their knowledge. Techies from industry come and share their knowledge with students. Technical workshops are conducted all over the country.  Not just the technical knowledge and experience, Champs get the chance of learning other things like soft skills development and lot more.  This is just a very brief introduction on few things happen inside the community. Even if you aren’t a champ yet, you may now know a bit what it is.

So then what’s Champs Networking Month? It’s all about getting together with several communities, societies.

Most universities and institutions have clubs and societies for their own students. If these societies get connected with the Champs community it will benefit all parties and increase the collaboration between students of different universities. Also a champ will find it easy to do something for their institution.

Two good examples from my experience are the Dot Net Workshop at UCSC and the last years distribution of Microsoft’s software among undergraduates.

We found that the collaboration with the CompSoc (Computer Science Society of University of Colombo) was very fruitful on those events. Combined effort of Champs and CompSoc made the Dot Net Workshop end very successfully.

Also I remember how the Microsoft’s “Software for 21st Century” program was delivered at UCSC last year successfully with the help of CompSoc.

Networking with Champs is a win-win situation. All will get lots of benefits.

So why think twice? Get Networked!

Find More? Champs Web site |  FB Page ,Group


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