Writing a post after several months 😀

You may have come across this problem. Usually when you install Windows 7, if you need to install XP as dual boot you need to bother a bit. Either you can try installing XP into another partition and later repair the boot manager by booting with a Windows 7 DVD and choosing Repair. Or the safe way is to install XP first and then WIndows 7.

However it’s not the case now. Once Windows 7 is installed and you need to completely remove 7 and install XP. You may have done this successfully in some times and some of you may have come across a problem. When you boot with a Windows XP disk you’ll end up with a Blue Screen. So some of you may say “Can’t Install Windows XP to a hard disk which Windows 7 has been installed 🙁 ” :D.

Solution is simple. Go to BIOS setup and look for “SATA Configuration”.

There you may see AHCI is selected. There select “ATA” or “IDE”, save and reboot. You are done 🙂

Think this may be helpful for you all someday.

Check the following links for more info :


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