Joomla:How to move your site to a different server?


Most of you may have created your Joomla site in the localhost and you may be thinking of the way to move it to a live server on the web.

This also applies when you want to move the site from a one live server to another one.

The first thing you need to do is to upload the files to the new server. If your new web host give you a cPanel this is damn easy. (Free web hosts like x10hosting give you a cPanel for controlling your hosting account).

If you have the ability of extracting a compressed file in the server you can transfer your files very easy.

Note! Only *.zip, *.Gz, *.Bz2, or *.tar file types can be extracted in cPanel.

You can use either FTP or the online file manager of your hosting control panel to upload the files. When uploading files be careful to More >

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Joomla: Localization (post in English)


මෙහි සිංහල පරිවර්තනය මෙතැනින් ලබා ගන්න http://blog.sanjaya.me/how-to-localize-a-joomla-web-site/

You may have seen so many web sites which can me viewed in several languages. You may also think that it is so difficult to create such a site. But doing such a thing is not much difficult.

Presenting your Joomla web site in 3 languages is not a much difficult thing. Joomla can be used with several languages. I used as Trilingual in the title because in Sri Lanka we mainly use 3 languages.

So, we are going to use the popular JoomFish component for this. This is a great component which can be used very easily for localization.

(For writing this article I’m using a Joomla site installed in a folder called jom in localhost)

Let’s first install this component to our Joomla site.



Download the latest stable version here.

Now  in the Joomla More >


Once I love you


Once I love you.. I enjoy being with you..

And after some time,

I hate you. I feel bored being with you.

You force me to close the FaceBook window.. and ask me to go and study..

Only a few people on Gtalk, May be because of you..

You make everything around me fine.. When I’m inside..

And sometimes…. You confuse all my plans.. I will blame you.. What have you done to me!

When you are always with me, It makes me annoying.. You don’t let me go anywhere.. You don’t let me do what I want..

And when you are not with me, I may feel like crying.. I feel uneasy.. It’s too boring.. Without you……….


phpBB is now ASPbb


phpBB is now ASPbb

by The ASPbb Team » Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:00 am

The phpBB Team was recently approached by Microsoft and asked to develop a bulletin board system for their .NET platform. This board will power their MSDN Social network and will be released to the community under a freeware license for smaller boards, with commercial licensing options available for larger communities.

With Microsoft’s financial backing, phpBB is proud to announce that development focus is switching to this project, and the phpBB Group is being renamed to ASPbb Incorporated.

phpBB 3.0.7 has already been ported to ASP.NET and phpBB.com has actually been using it for the past several hours (urls are being rewritten to .php files to maintain bookmarks and search engine ranking). Additionally, we are working with web hosts to automatically convert phpBB3 boards to ASPbb 1.0 within the next several days. Boards with

More >

දුටු තැන මිල දී ගනු ! Buy at first sight !


බය වෙන්නෙපා මාතෘකාව දැක්කම. කාරුණික ඉල්ලීමක් කරන්නයි හදන්නෙ.

Don’t be amazed seeing the title. Going to do a kind request.




Above are just samples.

UCSC 1st Year අපි, 2010 මාර්තු 28 ‍වෙනිදා පිරිත් පිංකමක් කරන්නයි සූදානම. ඉතින් ඒක‍ට ආධාර එකතු කරගන්න අපි ස්ටිකර් කිහිපයක් ගහල තියෙනවා. හෙ‍‍‍ට හා අනිද්දා ( 06, 07) ලංකාවෙ නගර කිහිපයකදිම මේවා අලෙවි කරන්න සුදානම් කරලා තියෙනවා. අපි හෙට ගම්පහ පැත්තෙත් එනවා. මේ සද් කාර්යයට ඔබ සියලු ‍දෙනා දායක වෙන්න.

තවත් තොරතුරු ලඟදිම කියන්නම්.

We, as UCSC 1st Year students, are organizing a Pirith Ceremony.This is an annual function in UCSC. This time it is planned to hold on 28th March. So we have decided to sell stickers to collect funds for this. Stickers will be sold in major towns in Sri Lanka on 7th and More >

FB Notifications in Gmail

මූනු පොතේ වයිරසයක් ? A virus on FB?


Please be careful. Don’t click on suspicious links you get on photo comments.

Seems that some kind of virus like thing is effecting the FB now. It seems that one of my friends has tagged myself in so many of her pics and I got 18 SMS messages one after another. Another friend of mine has got 87 sms and he said he is getting more and more. If you were tagged don’t click on the links in the comments. And don’t click on a link for the so called FB games SIMS 2 or SIMS3.

You also may have at least got the above warning message.


So many people have experienced this . I’ll tell you my experience. When I get the first FB SMS it’s 8.10 pm. And after More >

True Friends සැබෑ යහළුවෝ


බලන්න මේ රූප රාමු පෙළ. පුදුම හිතෙන කථාවක් නේද?

අපිට සතුන්ගෙනුත් ගොඩක් ‍දේ ඉගෙන ගන්න ති‍යෙනවා නේද?

See the following video. What a nice story. See, there are so many things for us to learn even from animals.

True Friends සැබෑ යහළුවෝ

I saw this video first in the FB profile of our senior Gayan Malinda Wijewickrama.

මේක ඉස්සෙල්ලාම මම දැක්කෙ අපේ ගයාන් අයියාගේ FB profile එ‍කේ. ඕගොල්ලන්ටත් ‍වැදගත් ‍වෙයි කියලා හිතුනා.

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