Please be careful. Don’t click on suspicious links you get on photo comments.

Seems that some kind of virus like thing is effecting the FB now. It seems that one of my friends has tagged myself in so many of her pics and I got 18 SMS messages one after another. Another friend of mine has got 87 sms and he said he is getting more and more. If you were tagged don’t click on the links in the comments. And don’t click on a link for the so called FB games SIMS 2 or SIMS3.

You also may have at least got the above warning message.


So many people have experienced this . I’ll tell you my experience. When I get the first FB SMS it’s 8.10 pm. And after that I got the same message 17 times one after other. The last message was received at 8.14 pm. It says “<My Friend’s Name> added a photo of you…..” and so on. Then I wondered what this was. However when I came home and checked my mails this is what I saw.

FB Notifications in Gmail

FB Notifications in Gmail

In the above pic there are mails regarding 2 people tagged me in their photos. I first asked one of my friends whether she added a pic of me. She said “nope”. Then I went to my photo gallery.

My FaceBook photos added by others

My FaceBook photos added by others

As she says she had clicked on a link for a FB game called “SIMS 3″ (some people talk about “SIMS 2″ ) which he got from one of her friends at 8 pm today. So after that her friends has got photos tagged themselves in, by her. In the same way I got 18 notifications on my mobile and so many in my email inbox. I have got only 18, but some others has got 50, 87, 159,200 and so on. One of my friends told me that he is getting this thing on and on. And also there are people who had got only 1 image tagged.

The nicest thing is not this. When I checked photos which are said to be added by the above stated person there are nice comments which are said to be added by her.

See this

Photo Comments

Photo Comments

See it clearly :

So the incident is clear. This application is prepared to do something unusual. When person “A” enters that application most of A’s friends get notifications saying that A has tagged a photo. And when A’s friends  go and see the photo galleries there are so many photos in “Photos added by others”. And there are so many automatically generated comments too.

And at last I must say that this virus or whatever it is, doesn’t do any harm to your PC. It just tags some friends in FB photos of the person who clicked such a link. So don’t be afraid. Nothing to worry much. Don’t click any suspicious link and also please keep an eye on the photos which are said to be added by others. There may be photos which makes your character into a bad situation, think there’s nothing to explain on that.

And if somebody has clicked the link please remove all the comments and tags which are automatically added (May be erasing the pics is easier :) ). And let your friends know what has really happened before they blame you.

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